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Areas of Expertise

  • Assurance Services (Audit Review Compilation & Other)
  • Corporate Tax
  • Individual Tax
  • Partnership Tax


After taking an accounting class in high school, Chelsey knew it was the career for her. In college she enjoyed every accounting course she took, as well as the endless possibilities the profession offered. Her favorite feeling is the one she gets when all the numbers come out right, whether she’s working on a balance sheet or reconciling an account.

Chelsey joined JAK after 2.5 years in private accounting. She is currently preparing for the CPA exam and welcomes the exposure she has to tax accounting and auditing as she decides what her area of focus will be.

Chelsey has always had a flair for numbers, is a natural organizer, and lives by her To Do lists. When she’s not working, she loves to go hiking, fishing, and hunting with her husband. She loves the outdoors so much she had her wedding at Rocky Mountain National Park.


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