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How to Choose a Tax Consultant

If you’ve never worked with a financial and tax consultant, it can be hard to know where to start. A good first step is to seek out a tax consultant with the CPA designation. Then, do your research. Does the individual or firm have experience in the areas in which you need tax help? Have your friends and colleagues recommended them? Do they offer capabilities like e-filing to make your life easier? At JAK + Co., we work with individuals and businesses across a range of industries, and are always happy to answer any questions you have about working with our tax consultants.

How Can I Take Advantage of Tax Deductions?

Overlooking a tax deduction can be a costly mistake. Many tax deductions are available for individuals and businesses. Lesser-known deductions include your tax preparation fees, charitable miles, and hobby expenses, to name a few! Your tax consultant can review your current—and previous—situation to help you take advantage of the tax deductions available to you.

What If I Don’t Know How to File My Taxes?

No need to worry! An accredited tax consultant can help you navigate federal tax requirements as well as state tax requirements to file an accurate, compliant tax return. The tax consultants at JAK + Co. are here to make it easy for you. We can handle your tax return prep and planning, which includes checking for tax deductions and tax credits that could be available to you. Minimizing your tax burden is always our goal.

What Are the Expected Fees for an Accountant?

The short answer: it depends. That’s because the type of tax consulting you require will depend largely on your personal or business situation. Before you enter into any tax consulting engagement, your tax consultant should provide you with a fee estimate. Think of it this way, however: although you will pay a fee for tax consultant services, your tax consultant could help you find ways to reduce your tax bill.

Which Tax Strategies Should I Explore?

At JAK + Co., we design our tax planning strategies around your personal or business goals. What’s most important to you? Where do you want to be in five years? How do you perceive success? These are the types of questions we ask to help you build a personalized plan. Whether you need business or personal tax planning , our tax consultants have tax strategies for you.

What’s the Difference Between Tax Deductions and Tax Credits?

Here’s an easy way to look at the difference: A tax deduction reduces your taxable income, whereas a tax credit reduces your tax. In addition to tax deductions, it’s important to ensure you’re taking advantage of all applicable tax credits. This is especially critical for businesses. Depending on your industry and business activities, you could be eligible for tax credits that could significantly reduce your tax burden. For example, the R&D credit is a tax credit that is often overlooked. With an understanding of your business, your tax consultant can identify tax credits that could benefit your bottom line.

Our tax consultants are experts in business structures, IRS tax consulting, and other essential functions. Learn more about how our tax CPAs in Minneapolis & St. Paul can provide guidance for your business tax needs.

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