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The right team. The right size for your success.

JAK + Co. is a mid-size firm, which means you get the best of both worlds: enough opportunity to keep you engaged, and the flexibility to work on the types of projects you enjoy. Even so, we’re one of the top 25 largest accounting firms in Minnesota (Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal)—and we’re growing. As a valued team member, you’ll be able to directly make a positive impact for your clients in the areas of tax, audit, or business consulting.

We’re independent thinkers who put our heads and hearts together to solve problems for our clients. We also recognize there’s more to life than public accounting: our staff work on average 100 to 200 hours less than other CPA firms and are encouraged to work on their personal and professional growth. At JAK + Co. we develop “Rock Star” staff. Read here to find out how. 

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Working at JAK + Co. is rewarding. Starting out, you’re plugged into a variety of engagements and given both attest and tax work to help you develop your overall knowledge. You’re able to determine your preference and develop your expertise in that area. You’re not forced into one type of work that you may not enjoy.
Randall Erdmann
Senior Accountant
The nice thing about working for a mid-sized company is that you don’t get lost in the shuffle. Everyone is important to the firm’s success.
Matt Mikel
Our leadership takes the time to reward people for their hard work. Firm-wide events include a summer golf outing, company party, fall retreat, food trucks, end-of-tax season outing, and happy hours.
Patti Newby
Firm Administrator

Balance is what it’s all about. To support you in all aspects of your life, we offer a benefit package designed to help you maintain your health and wellbeing, grow your retirement fund, and more. Our medical, dental, and group term life insurance includes a health savings account, dependent care account, and flexible spending account. We also offer a 401(K) retirement plan with profit sharing, short-term disability, identity theft and legal assistance plans, as well as an on-site flu vaccination clinic.

To help you fully live your life, we allow for a flexible work schedule and a flexible remote work schedule after your first year. Our team members are paid hourly with overtime, which means when you work, you get paid. If you’re working remotely, we provide you with a laptop and the equipment you need to do so. We also provide you with an interest-free loan for the purchase of a home computer (for personal use). You betcha we offer paid holidays and PTO.

During busy season, we make sure you’re fed with paid firm dinners. Summers are short in Minnesota, which is why we give everyone Fridays off in July and August and make Minnesota Twins tickets available to staff. We even offer an employee referral bonus and new business incentive program.

All are welcome here.

Part of being there for each other is embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion in everything we do. We are committed to welcoming diverse perspectives, backgrounds, cultures, and experiences into our team and into the work we do for our clients. We believe everyone deserves an equal opportunity to thrive.

To support our efforts in this area, we provide bi-annual DEI training for all JAK + Co. team members.

Welcome to the JAK + Co. family.

You might say we have the office culture other accounting firms wish they had. You won’t catch us being stuffy or too busy for your questions. That’s just not who we are. We’re a group of relaxed yet focused people who are intentional about being there for one another, whether that’s jumping in on a project or welcoming our families to a firm event. Our open-door policy is inclusive of everyone.

And yes, we take our fun as seriously as we take our work. Expect invites to happy hours, an annual golf tournament, a firm retreat, a post-tax season party, and more.


The culture at JAK + Co. is extremely welcoming. From the first time I walked into the office, everyone has gone out of their way to stop by my desk to just say hello and ask about my day. All levels of staff have really taken the time to get to know me personally, which made me feel comfortable from day one.
Maria Yanna
Senior Accountant
It really is fun to come into the office each day. There are so many different types of projects going on. And our firm likes to have fun. We have firm-wide activities throughout the year, including a full-day retreat, tax deadline celebrations, and a fiscal year-end celebration. We’re often encouraged to bring our families to these types of events.
Kim Elm
Administrative Assistant
JAK + Co. has a strong, family-like, culture where people look out for each other and get along well together, which can be difficult to find in public accounting.
Matt Mikel
JAK generally has an “open door” policy where everyone is willing to help. I never had a problem getting questions answered, and know who I can approach during certain projects when I need assistance. This, combined with the fun and lighthearted culture, has made the JAK atmosphere a very comfortable environment to grow and learn in. I come into work surrounded by engaging and intelligent professionals who are just as knowledgeable in accounting as they are caring individuals.
Dallas Hahn
Staff Accountant

Your goals matter.

You deserve to be fulfilled in the work you do each day. And your definition of success is your own. Whatever your career goals may be, we provide you with the tools you need to get there—including personal development, continuing education, and mentorship—and the support that keeps you going. (Junior staff accountants work across all areas of the firm for the first few years to determine which practice area they feel will bring them the most success.)

Our training and development support includes:

  • CPA exam review course and fee assistance with loan forgiveness over time
  • Continuing professional education
  • Mentorship program
  • Industry licensure and professional organization membership fee reimbursement
  • Engagement and annual performance reviews

We’re rooting for you!


JAK + Co. leaders do everything in their power to raise up and help new accountants flourish. From developing professional interpersonal skills to earning your CPA, they’ll stand behind you the whole way through.
Noah Bishop
Staff Accountant
Personal and career development are very important at JAK. Staff are encouraged to pursue their goals and are mentored and provided opportunities to help them achieve them. When I expressed interest in going the tax-route, all the partners were on board and provided me with opportunities to broaden my technical and non-technical skills.
Matt Mikel

# of times our team gathers to celebrate each year = 7+
# of annual education hours completed by our team = 1,400+
# average golf score on 18 holes for our golfers = 91.13333
# Average JAK + Co. bowling score = 129.17
# of dogs owned = 84
# of total professional sporting events attended by our staff last year = 116

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