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Your world moves quickly. Whether serving patients or clients, you’re constantly anticipating the next call—or fire to extinguish. When you’re concerned about your financial or tax situation, you can’t afford to wait for an answer.

We recognize how critical real-time financial information is to your business. As professional services providers ourselves, we also know the importance of planning for taxes, partner transitions, growth, and even tax payments.

To help you overcome the unique blend of challenges you face, we provide the following services:

  • Tax planning and preparation
  • Business succession and partner transition planning
  • Bookkeeping and payroll
  • Provider tax return preparation
  • Entity selection and restructuring
  • Estate, trust, and gift tax planning
  • Pre-tax benefits planning
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Real estate acquisition

Are you getting the financial information you need?

Having access to timely, accurate financial information is essential. Not only does it allow you to gauge your real-time cash position, it may also be needed for certain reporting requirements. What’s more, knowing your business’ financial health empowers you to quickly—and confidently—make decisions.

At JAK + Co., we offer outsourced accounting to support you with the financial insights you need. Working as part of your financial department , we make sure your books are consistently closed each month and you’re meeting all applicable compliance requirements so you can spend more time doing the things you enjoy.

Are you meeting critical tax deadlines?

It’s important to know which tax deadlines apply to your firm or practice. Keep in mind: professional services providers may be subject to taxes that other businesses don’t have to worry about, such as the state “provider tax” that’s due in March.

Also, if your practice or firm is structured as a pass-through entity (e.g., partnership, LLC, or S corporation), you may need to make estimated tax payments on a quarterly basis. Your JAK + Co. CPA Firm can help you plan and prepare for tax filings and payments, so you aren’t caught off guard.

How can you reduce your tax liability?

As business tax advisors, we specialize in helping clients make the most of available tax deductions and credits. We can also advise you on additional tax liability-reducing strategies, such as maximizing deferred compensation opportunities and implementing certain health plans and benefits.

What’s next for your firm or practice?

Running a professional services firm or medical practice is highly rewarding. It also can be highly exhausting. We’re here to support you through the day-to-day and in the years to come. As our client, you have access to our network of attorneys, bankers, insurance agents, and financial advisors—trusted professionals who can step in to serve you as needed. Whether you’re looking to grow your business or transition to your next chapter, we’ll help you get there. Contact us today.

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