A tax organizer is a document that outlines what your CPA will need from you in order to prepare your income tax return. We send these to our clients ahead of each tax season, so if you are our client, you have likely received one.

Depending on your preference, you will receive your JAK + Co. organizer via SafeSend  (electronic organizer) or postal mail (paper organizer). You will also receive a letter with the organizer that will give you a deadline for submitting your completed organizer and supporting tax documents. 

This deadline is designed to give your tax preparer time to work on your return with the goal of completing it by the April tax deadline. Keep in mind the deadline will change depending on the exact date of the deadline. If we receive your organizer after the deadline, we will likely need to file an extension. 

Although an electronic organizer can make the information-submittal process much easier, many clients still opt for a paper organizer. But having to compile and manage a bunch of paper documents can be overwhelming.

If you have opted to receive a paper organizer and are feeling stressed about the process, here are a few tips for completing yours as quickly and painlessly as possible:

Please do…

We suggest you do not…

Please do include all the necessary documents.

Not sure which documents to include? Below is a list of the types of forms we will want to see placed behind your completed organizer. Consider collecting these as you receive them throughout the year and storing them together in a secure place.

The original supporting documentation you provide with your organizer will be mailed back to you sometime after the April tax deadline or upon completion of your extended return. 

Please do not stress!

 We understand that having to dig up and compile your financial and tax information can be daunting. On this note, if you have never tried an electronic organizer, perhaps this is the year to explore how it works? 

Either way, we are here to help you through the process. If you have questions about your organizer or tax return, give us a call anytime.