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Jason J. Loven , CPA, CCIFP®

Managing Partner


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Areas of Expertise

  • Attestation Services – Specifically Construction Accounting Expertise
  • Individual Income Tax
  • Small Business Tax and Consulting


Ever since he started his career at JAK in 1995, Jason has been continually inspired by the opportunity to do good work for his clients. His day is made when he’s able to help a business improve their financial statements, obtain financing, or save tax dollars. These types of accomplishments may seem mundane, but Jason knows they can make a big difference for his clients.

As a natural communicator, Jason lives for helping business owners get a better grasp on the financial side of things. He has a strong background in construction accounting, so walking clients through things like job costing and overhead costs is a big part of his practice. Understanding the finances is a key to running a successful business. And Jason finds it incredibly rewarding to see what happens when a business owner has the information he or she needs.

At this point in his career, Jason is really excited about what the future holds for JAK, and for our clients. He loves to work hard, and also have a lot of fun – which contributes to the great energy at JAK. When he’s not at the office, Jason enjoys getting up north. His cabin agenda usually includes hunting, fishing, boating, snowmobiling and golfing (depending on the season, of course). If he’s at home, you’ll find him at one of his kids’ activities or volunteering time elsewhere.



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