As JAK’s firm administrator, Patti works behind the scenes to keep the office running smoothly. This critical responsibility is nearly second nature for Patti: Having joined JAK in 1986, she knows the firm inside and out.

Patti brings a valuable perspective to the role. She was on the “accounting track” until 1998, so she understands what it’s like to work as a CPA. In supporting the firm’s services, she anticipates client needs and equips staff members in meeting each one. She appreciates the variety her job at JAK affords, but she is most grateful for the firm’s emphasis on work-life balance.

Now that Patti and her husband are empty nesters, they love visiting new restaurants and wineries throughout the U.S. and overseas. Nevertheless, they are equally content to partake in a casual dinner at home with friends, or to spend the day on the golf course.


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