Randall is a senior accountant who joined JAK in the first week of 2016. Although he went to college to study mechanical engineering, he found himself more intrigued by the challenge his accounting courses provided. Before long, he realized the apple had not fallen far from the tree—both of his parents are accountants.

Since coming to JAK, Randall has appreciated the challenges of busy season and the opportunities to work on both attest and tax projects. Prior to joining the firm, he worked as a finance intern in private industry. In this role, he gained insight into the accounting issues businesses face, such as yearly budgeting, cost accounting and monthly account reconciliations, to name a few.

When he’s not in the midst of busy season, Randall volunteers through his church at Second Harvest Heartland. A true Midwestern outdoorsman, he loves hunting in the fall and ice fishing in the winter. He’s also a fan of “toys with engines,” so don’t be surprised if you see him zip past on a motorcycle, snowmobile or four-wheeler.


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