Kim_Elm - Online Estimated Tax PaymentsBy Kim Elm

With the MN Department of Revenue campuses closed to the public and more people making their Federal estimated tax payments electronically, why not make your state estimated tax payment electronically as well. This will ensure your payment is not lost or delayed in the mail causing unnecessary notices to be sent to you that your payment was not received timely.

Here is the information you should have ready to make your online payment:

When you have this information ready, go to On the home page of the MN Department of Revenue, click on the box that says, Individuals. Scroll down and click on Top Tasks. Then click Make a Payment. You’ll see there are several options to make a payment. To pay online click Bank Account. There is an option for businesses and individuals. Make sure to click on the option under individuals that says Use the e-services Payment System. Notice you’re directed to another website  This is where you’ll need the information you got ready earlier.

Once on the payment website, select no for using a letter ID to make your payment. Since you are making an estimated payment you will not have a letter ID. This is referring to if you received a letter from the MN Department of Revenue in the mail. Now select next.

The next page is Customer Type. Select individual and then next. For the tax, type clicks the down arrow, and select Individual Income Tax. Then enter your social security number, last name, and the email address you’d like the payment confirmation sent to. Then click next. If you type your social security number or last name in the wrong a warning will pop up. If everything is correct, you’ll move on to the payment page. Under Type of Payment click the down arrow and select Estimated (pre-payment for return). And the Filing Period for Payment select 31-Dec-2020. Then click next. You’ll be asked if you want to make multiple payments – select no if you are just making your 2020 4th quarter estimated tax payment.

Here you will enter your bank information. Select Checking or savings then enter your bank routing number. As the system thinks, it may take a moment for your bank name to appear. Once it appears, you can enter your account number. Now you can select your payment date. If you’re submitting your 4th quarter estimate for the 2020 tax season, make sure you select January 15, 2021, or sooner. Then type in your payment amount, confirm your payment amount and click next. You’ll be brought to the review page to review your payment information. Read over carefully and then click submit.

A confirmation page will appear with the option for you to print a copy. We recommend printing a paper copy and keeping it with your 2020 tax information that you’ll add to your tax organizer. You can then click OK. You will also receive an email confirmation.

Scheduling and paying your estimates electronically is fast and secure. If you need any assistance through this process, please contact one of our professionals at John A. Knutson & Co., PLLP