We’re excited to have had three interns at JAK+Co CPA this past season: Gracie Siegler, Clayton Beaurline, and Trevor Wong. At JAK+Co, we believe internships play a crucial role in nurturing the next generation of accounting professionals and upholding our commitment to education and community involvement.

Our internship program offers invaluable hands-on experience, allowing aspiring CPAs to apply their classroom knowledge to real-world scenarios and develop essential skills. As part of our team, Gracie, Clayton, and Trevor have had the opportunity to work alongside our team during tax season, learn about the various industries we serve, and contribute to client projects while receiving guidance and support.

Recently, our interns shared about their experiences at JAK+Co so far, their insights into the busy tax season, and what has surprised them most about the accounting profession. 

Here’s What They Had To Say:

Gracie Siegler commented on the learning curve that comes with being an intern, but also praised the supportive environment: “The biggest challenge of being an intern is that there is so much to learn, but within the two months of being at John A. Knutson & Co., PLLP I have learned so much already! My favorite thing about JAK is that everyone is so friendly, everyone is willing to help out when you have a question. Everyone has been so supportive throughout busy season.” When asked about her favorite busy season activity so far, Gracie didn’t hesitate: “Bingo.”

Trevor Wong, who appreciates the gratification of helping clients through problem solving, echoed Gracie’s sentiment about the fun activity breaks during tax season: “I am drawn to the accounting field because it offers constant learning while allowing me to serve clients by solving complex issues. My favorite busy season activity so far has been Bingo, no doubt.”

Clayton Beaurline shared what was unexpected and also highlighted the firm’s morale-boosting events: “The most surprising element of the accounting industry so far? Busy season, everybody tells you how busy it is but you don’t really understand until you experience it. As for my favorite busy season activity so far? Bingo!”

Feedback from the JAK+ Co team:

What stood out: Their willingness to learn and take on any project given to them. Even though they came in with little to no accounting/tax experience, they were determined to learn something each day and improve. They communicated well, even when working on a flexible schedule that didn’t match the rest of the staff.

How they contributed: The interns took on projects that they were not originally scheduled for, and helped move those projects across the finish line. They were easy to manage and self-driven.

Most improved on: Journal entries and overall knowledge on the process of taking a task from start to finish.

Thank you Clayton, Trevor and Gracie for your hard work this tax season! We hope to have you on board at JAK+Co soon!