Areas of Expertise

  • Assurance Services (Audit Review Compilation & Other)
  • Corporate Tax
  • Individual Tax


As a staff accountant, Naiwokai feels blessed to “use her mind to solve the puzzle-like nature of taxes.” She especially loves harnessing her knowledge to help JAK + Co. clients save money on their taxes. After using her brainpower all day, Naiwokai leaves work feeling like a superhero!

Naiwokai chose a career in accounting because she is passionate about math and enriching the lives of others. Ever the optimist as well as a gifted communicator, Naiwokai lives for helping clients apply the right tax laws to their situations.

When Naiwokai isn’t using her powers for good at JAK + Co., you’ll likely find her out on a walk, volleyball or tennis court, soccer field, gym, or Pilates studio—anywhere she can be physically active. She’s also passionate about food, both cooking and enjoying it. More than anything else, Naiwokai is driven to make a difference—to make the world a better place for future generations.


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